Red Hat Summit 2017

Red Hat Summit — the annual tech-conference from the premium open source vendor Red Hat Inc. is where major announcements related to its flagship product RHEL and other Red Hat-driven open source projects are revealed. The three-day conference organizes keynote talks, panel discussions, labs and training sessions covering technologies pertaining to data center, cloud, virtualization, security, customer experiences etc. Every year the summit defines a theme to focus on. This year’s theme was “Impact of the Individual” which as Red Hat puts it,

At Red Hat Summit 2017 we celebrated the individuals, the explorers, the builders. We celebrated the unsung hero of the server room, the doer who keeps the lights on and the enterprise running. We spotlighted the explorer, the dreamer who boldly offers a new solution to an old problem we just couldn’t seem to overcome.

Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst presented “Try, Learn & Modify” concept during his keynote address to help organizations better cope up with the volatile future. Characteristic to his love of history, he walked the audience through the history of motorcycle industry to correlate and extract insights and lessons to equip ourselves as move ahead in the agile IT industry.


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