No USB Media in The Boot Order List

I wrestled for some time to boot the HP-406-G1-MT PC via bootable USB stick having Ubuntu 16.04 on it. Disabled secure boot and enabled the legacy boot option in the BIOS, entered the boot order menu during booting by hitting Esc followed by F9, only to find no USB drive option in the list. Tried a couple of enable/disable switches of the Secure Boot Configuration inside BIOS settings. Nope, no USB drive option to choose from whatsoever.


When I carefully went through all the main menu tabs in the BIOS setup utility, under Storage tab found out the setting that explicitly controls whether or not booting from USB bootable media is allowed. Switched it to “enabled”, and saved the settings and exit ( F10 ). The USB stick finds itself as an option in the boot list.


In short, if the USB bootable media is not showing up in the Boot Order list:

  1. Disable Secure Boot and enable Legacy Boot support inside BIOS.
  2. Check for explicit USB bootable media booting access control setting inside BIOS and enable it.
  3. Insert the USB stick before entering into the boot order list during booting.

I found this Superuser forum discussion helpful.


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